Speaker system Fohhn

Speaker system

DYSTEN is the exclusive distributor of Fohhn products in Poland. Ideal sound is about much more than just perfect loudspeakers. It is about a full-scale sound system perfectly tailored and experts who remarkably prepare devices for usage and guide the staff. Fohhn and DYSTEN have been working together on perfect sound in Poland since 2010.


Fohhn speaker system

  • maximum reliability
  • excellent quality of workmanship
  • elegant design
  • flexibility and compatibility
  • simple operation
  • balanced sound at all volume levels

Speaker system for

  • theatres, opera houses, culture and art houses
  • cinemas, museums, amusement parks
  • stadiums, sport halls, swimmingpools
  • shopping centers
  • airports, railway stations, transfer centers
  • churches and other religious buildings
  • television and radio studio
  • hotels, restaurants, business centers
  • universities and schools


Linea Series

Speaker system – Linea Series


Simple elegancy, outstanding speech and sound quality. Linea-Series has been developed for excellent sound reproduction in the facilities with demanding acoustics.  Linea-series meets high requirements regarding construction and functionality.Thanks to its linear shape the series is unobtrusive and stays in harmony with the interiors. Enhanced technology works out in the facilities with demanding acoustics.

systemy głośnikowe fohhn Linea-Series dysten

Arc Series

Speaker system – Arc-Series


If you have the high demand of sound concepts with regard to design, reliability, flexibility and handling Arc-Series is destined for you. This is the reason why that series can be applied in a wide range of places such as:


  • conference rooms
  • theaters
  • churches
  • concert halls
  • museums
  • banks

system głośnikowy Arc-Series fohhn

You will use Arc Series for speech transmission, live performances and sound recording. Choose out of 20 types of speakers, which let you achieve almost every type of sound transmission. Thanks to the system’s flexibility you will cover large areas and long distances or obtain selective sound within a limited space.

X Series

X Series


More lightweight and powerful thanks to digital state-of-the-art technology and Neodym speakers. All housing is manufactured from high-quality multiplex beech wood. Users can benefit from reduced weight and transport space. No longer need to transport extra equipment, stands, external amplifiers, controllers, crossovers, etc.

głośniki fohhn X Series dystrybutor dysten

Easy Port

Easy Port Series


Highly reliable and easy to use, the system can operate for up to 20 hours on one battery charge.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • No mains power or cabling required
  • Can be used without any sophisticated technical knowledge
  • Compatible with most currently available radio microphone brands
  • CD Player with USB port can be built in
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Protection against feedback
  • Extremely long battery life (up to 20 hours)
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Natural sound quality
  • Build-in digital controller for maximum operating reliability
  • Intelligent battery management, protection against total discharge and overload

Easy port fohhn dystrybutor głośników dysten


Line-Array Systems


Line-Array Systems is a wide range of accessories for outdoor festivals, concerts (Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz music) DJ events, company events, sporting events, etc.
Fohhn presetns a worldwide novelty: Patented DPC technology and electronically controlled 21” subwoofer, powered by 8,5 kW DSP amplifier is the beginning of a new era of subwoofer technology!

Perform fohhn

Amplifiers - AMP Controller

Amplifiers – AMP Controller


DSP amplifiers and DPS system controller. A perfect solution for demanding fixed installations and mobile applications.

  • Optional remore control
  • Monitoring function
  • Network-compatible

Active speaker systems and external 19″ amplifiers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and meet the most demanding requirements for audio quality and reliability in fixed installations and mobile applications.

The main advantages of the class D amplifiers are:

  • the low weight and compact dimensions
  • outstanding sound quality and a high degree of efficiency
  • minimising of heat development inside the amplifier considerably better compared to conventional analogue amplifiers.

wzmacniacz fohhn

Remote control

Net-Remote Series


The remote control devices are highly user-friendly and give the user complete control over the audio system from a central location. Individual devices and entire systems can be operated synchronously from one of several devices, opening up a whole range of different application possibilities.

net remote fohhn

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Reference / What customers say about our products

  • The DYSTEN company designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a Dynamic Passenger Information System (...) along with a sound system for the station (in Tarnowskie Gory). The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills
    Henryk Szudy , Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation
  • Getting the information to the widest possible audience at official events held by the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland is the key to success of all the media coverage. The DYSTEN sound system guarantees that. It provides excellent quality of communication and a high level of speech intelligibility.
    Waldemar Witalec, Deputy Director, Administrative Bureau, Office of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • The multi-functional and flexible sound system has helped us to become a unique cultural center. Now, the National Film Archive is more than a cinema theatre, it is a place where not only screenings are held but also concerts, live performances, lectures and workshops.
    Krzysztof Hnatkowski, Deputy Director, The National Film Archive in Warsaw
  • Stock market information displays are made entirely to our order including intricate mechanics and tailored electronics to adapt the device to the needs of a TV station. Installed equipment serves as a perfect information carrier and becomes an interesting element of studio's scenography.
    Jaroslaw Kielmel, Director of Technology TVN24

Do you want to learn more? We are here to help you.

Tell us about your faclity and operations specification and we will adjust the speaker system to your needs.

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