System Audio in Theater Ludowy

System Audio in Ludowy Theater in Krakow


Teatr Ludowy LogoThe classical „real – sozialismus” theatre’s building finished in 1955 in old Polish capital city of Cracow has been already equipped with new system audio from Fohhn Audio. The Theatre was built as a typical drama theatre and constructing there a true multipurpose audio system was a challenging target. The multipurpose means, in this case all possible theatre applications as well as … true live concert system.


Thanks to unique Fohhn’s constructions and Famsa tunning system we gained spectacular result. With the system gentle look, that doesn’t interfere with the stage opening and precise colour match to adjacent walls we assure to all the audience practically the same reception of sound. All the details that we love in theatre; the proximity of sound, signal to noise ratio, the dynamic range and ultra low distortions are perfectly preserved. Thanks to strict dispersion control we successfully limit all unwanted phenomenas in acoustics. The true high quality of loudspeakers allowed us to construct the system, that can perfectly cooperate with all types of microphones without any limitation in any art performance.


The main system audio (front) is composed of:

  • two LX 600 as a main, L and R channels
  • two AT-09 work as as L and R downfills
  • 6 LX-10 are built into the stage construction and work as front fills
  • in the place of 6 x LC-10 we employed 3 pcs of AT-08 as live concert front fills
  • two pieces of XS-4 subwoofers add a proper amount of bottom bass range


The effect channels are constructed of:

  • two LX 100 plus two LX 60 work as front effect L and R (also preprogrammed as a mono)
  • two LX 150 plus two AT-08 as downfills for rear effect channels, L and R


In addition to this, the End User has also 6 XM-4 floor monitors for concert applications and four LX 60 plus four LX-10 as monitors for theatrical applications. Thanks to Fohhn Audio assistance, LX 60 and LX 10 are prepared for painting – in order to be able to be built into the scenography and painted accordingly to the stage environment. The End User feedback is the most expected profit of this installation. The art director, artists as well as sound engineers are delighted with the system perfomance and the way, the system is supporting them in their job.


photos: Magdalena Zielińska

“Installed sound system contributed to the extension of the repertoire. We have achieved impressively high quality reproduction of music and voice, now we can expose musical performances such as. “Amy. 27 club”, “Kochanowo i okolica,” “Pyza on Polish lanes,” etc. Dysten team feature excellent organization of their work and professional approach to the realization of the set goals. Employees of the company are characterized by professionalism, extensive knowledge of sound and full commitment to the job, so  I recommend Dysten company to other investors.”

Jerzy Maciej Fedorowicz

Deputy Director of the Ludowy Theatre in Krakow

  • Client: Teatr Ludowy
  • City: Krakow
  • Date: 2015