Dynamic Passenger Information System in Tarnowskie Gory

We produced displays for Dynamic Passenger Information System, mounted at the bus station in Tarnowskie Gory


The main range of works:


  • produced electronical boards for dynamic passenger information system – 6 outdoor displays and 1 indoor display
  • sound system in the bus station and bus shelter
  • cash intercom

”The DYSTEN company designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a Dynamic Passenger Information System (…) along with a sound system for the station (in Tarnowskie Gory). The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills”.


Henryk Szudy
Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation

Displays for Dynamic Passenger Information System


Passenger Information Displays in LED technology are designed to meet demanding environmental conditions for outdoor applications. LED displays are based on strong ligh-emitting diode technology, so that the displayed content is visible from a long distance either during the day or in the night. Using LED technology we get the highest value of contrast ratio “perfect black”, very good colour mapping and the lowest possible energy consumption.


Sound system for bus station in Tarnowski Gory


  • Sound system blended with the Passenger Information System
  • Precisely designed sound system layout guarantees high speech intelligibility for each audience member in the area
  • The use of high-quality devices enabled to achieve the highest level of volume without distortion, greatly exceeding the noise typical found at bus station