Public Transport Information Displays in Silesia

Public Transport Information Displays


Passenger Information System of the Silesian Agglomeration is equipped with DYSTEN devices. Public transport information displays significantly improve orientation in the direction of the trams. Passengers can also check where is a particular vehicle at the moment, the line’s number and where the tram stops. These solutions positively affect the safety level of passenger transport.


Public transport information displays are designed in such a way that the information reading is possible in all weather conditions, thanks to the proper brightness, light signals and the well-chosen texture.


Devices are developed in the LED technology and are designed for installation in public transport vehicles. It is possible to enlarge them vertically and horizontally in any size. They can display any text in several lines, depending on the display model, and information in the form of floating text.


The passenger information system includes

    • an autocomputer;
    • front display that shows the basic line marking and the name of the final stop;
    • side display;
    • back display that shows the same information as the front display;
    • inside information display that shows the same information as the front and back displays, a clock and date;
    • tram number display that is placed on the motorman’s desktop;
    • audio system devices for stops announcing that are placed inside and outside the tram;
    • cables, connectors with plugs and controllers;
    • devices for positioning the tram with GPS.

In addition to the equipment itself, we have provided their expert installation, professional training and full technical service support during the warranty period and after that.

“Company “Zaklad Uslugowo Remontowy” is pleased to announce that the DYSTEN Sp. z o.o. company based in Zabrze provided […] for the modernized tram 105Na, the passenger information system with displays made in LED technology and the controller.

All work and deliveries were made on time, with impeccable care and commitment.

We would like to recommend the DYSTEN Sp. z o.o. company as a reliable and competent partner and confirm the high quality of offered devices. The devices perfectly fulfill their role and are characterized by high reliability.”

Damian Kulik
Director of the Zakład Usługowo Remontowy
in Chorzów

  • Client: Zakład Usługowo Remontowy
  • City: Chorzów