The briefing room’s audio-video system

The audio-video system of th briefing room at KWK “Ziemowit”


We have provided a sound system for KWK “Ziemowit”. Briefing room is equipped with professional audio-video system. The system includes Fohhn Audio AT 10 speakers, a miniature set of four speakers and an automatic mixer with five MIC channels. We provided wireless microphones and MBHO microphones. We delivered and installed a digital recorder with a silencermicrophone feedback. The visual part of the system consisted of a large-format professional monitor and camera accessories.

The computer with software for processing audio-visual material provides the control over all elements of the system. The work done included an installation of the system, commisioning and staff training.


  • Client: Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego "Ziemowit"
  • City: Katowice