Parking displays as an element of the Smart City

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Smart City is a city that uses modern and technologically advanced solutions of Internet of Things. These solutions include municipal bike rental systems, systems to optimize and control the movement of vehicles, street lighting control systems and smart car parks. These technologies are becoming increasingly frequent in developing cities in Poland and in the world. They use mainly mobile communication, various types of sensors and big data analysis.

Smart Parking

The main task of the smart parking is to inform the drivers where they can find a free parking space. Sensors mounted on parking spaces detect the presence of the vehicle. Data about spaces is transferred to the transmitter, which transfers it to the central for exemple The Traffic Control Centre. From the central unit the information can be downloaded by for example electronic parking information display or a mobile app. The driver reads the message and can quickly park in a free parking spot.

Do we need a smart parking?

  • 8 minutes – it is the average time that we spend on looking for a parking space. Sometimes we find it immediately and sometimes even after 20 minutes.*
  • 30% of car traffic in the city center is made by drivers that are looking for a parking space.*
  • 40% of potential revenue city loses because of unused parking spaces and leaky toll collection system.*

* Data from the report “Smart Parking Systems, Sensor and Communications Hardware, Software, Services and Smart City Applications: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts”. Navigant Research 2015.

Modern smart parking solutions are chosen by more and more Polish cities that want to reduce traffic and make it easier for drivers to navigate through crowded streets and parkings.

Parking displays in Smart City

Tablice parkingowe LED

Parking information displays inform in real time about the number of free parking spaces. They help drivers to save time and instantly find a parking space. They take care about the driver’s wallet – minimize fuel consumption, burned earlier during looking for a parking space. They increase the income of the city by filling urban parks. They have an indirect impact on improving the environment – drivers find parking spaces faster, so exhaust emission is reduced.

Electronic parking display should be placed in a strategic position, in which the driver decides about parking place. It is necessary to choose the appropriate technical parameters and the technology in which the display is going to be made. For outdoor solutions we offer LED technology, which is characterized by high brightness, clarity and efficiency. A light sensor installed on the device automatically adjusts the brightness of the displayed content to the intensity of incident light. External parking display is also resistant to weather conditions such as rain or snow. It is also important to protect the device from ingress of dust into the display. Many cities in addition to the functionality appreciates the design. DYSTEN as a producer of parking displays is able to produce them according to the customer project.

Dysten electronic parking displays appeared recently in Piekary Slake and Gliwice.