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MBHO's Microphones

MBHO’s microphones are delivered as OEM modules for microphones such as: Telefunken, Straesser, Dual, Grundig, ITT, Saba, Audix, Brauner. MBHO’s microphones are 95% hand-made, therefore they are suitable for work with real instrumets  and vocalists –  either in recording studio or during live performances.



Integrated microphones

Compact microphones

Compact (85 mm) original condenser microphones available in two variants: MBNM 440 (cardioid) i MBNM 410 (omni). Thanks to state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology, very short signal path, low power consumption and supply voltage in the wide range 22 – 48 V these microphones are suitable for the battery backup.

Product safety data sheet:  MBNM 440_MBNM 410 PL


Condenser microphone with a massive membrane

Condenser microphone with a massive membrane creates an unique combination of distinctive, classic lollipop design and modern field-transistor (FET). Microphone capsule is coated with double gold leaf and built on the structure made of bronze. Powerful, classic sound excludes from the competition large, designer microphones, which quality cannot be compared to MBNM 608.

Product safety data sheet: 


Microphone integrated with a support stand

MBP 603 A ST is an integrated with a support stand version of MBP 603 A microphone. Includes KA 400 capsule that is optimised for vocal. Exquisite outcomes, clarity and dynamic range unobtainable for wireless microphones. Useful especially when solist’s face needs to be clearly visible, and the sound quality indisputable. Slender design and non-mirror finish.

Product safety data sheet: 

Microphone preamplifier

Microphone preamplifier

MBHO’s microphone preamplifiers are characterised by a very small  harmonic distortion and insignificant sound coloration. Preamplifiers cooperate with all of the MBHO’s microphone capsules.

Product safety data sheets: MBP 603 A PLMBP 603 A ST PLMBP 603_648 PLMBP 648 S_MBNM 150 PLMBP 648 A_MBP 680 PL

Boundary microphones

Boundary microphones

Microphones show very steady parameters and low level of pick-ups, uncommon among other competitive products.  They can be applied wherever high sound quality and secret design are required.

Product safety data sheets: MBNM 630_MBNM410PZ PLPZ MBP 648_MBNM 620 PLPZ MBNM 621 E_MBNM 622 E PL

Microphones with a flexible holder

Microphones with a flexible holder

Condenser microphone with a flexible gooseneck arm. Standardised configuration includes KA 400 capsule that is optimised for speech (high-pass filter 12 dB @ 50 Hz to minimise proximity effect).

Product safety data sheet: MBP 648 S_MBNM 150 PL

Measurement microphone

Electret, measurement microphone

This type of microphone has a very linear characteristics with almost invariable stream between front, sides and back. Perfectly suitable for recording instruments or vocal in the close field. Each microphone is delivered with the individual enhancement graph.

Product safety data sheetMBNM 550 EL PL

Dynamic microphone

Dynamic microphones

Microphones with a linear characteristics and without sound distortion in upper frequencies, with minimised proximity effect, high directivity and reduced conduction of sound from the microphone’s arm. Exquisite sound and mechanics quality makes this microphone outstandingly good in comparison to the competitive products.

Product safety data sheet: MBD 219 PL

Microphone capsules

Microphone capsules

MBHO microphone capsules pefrorms well while recording solists, choirs, piano, saxophone and guitar. They are characterised by warm and spatial sound as well as accurate replication of details.

Product safety data sheetsKA 1000_KA1100K PLKA100LK_KA100DK_KA300NB PLKA 200_KA400N PL

Stereo disks and accessories

Stereo disks and accessories

Schneider disk is a variant of Jacklin disk, constructed by Juergen Jecklin for stereo recording using Optimal Stereo Signal (OSS) technique. The idea is to use two identical disks 15 cm apart from each other (approximate distance between human’s eras). Disk between the microphones is covered with a thin plastic foam layer, which has to absorb upper frequencies – in this way the stereo separation between the microphones is improved. The difference between Jacklin and Schneider disks is that in the center of the disk there is placed a foam covered sphare, which reduces the amount of energy in upper frequencies. The energy is reflected by the surface of the disk. Additionaly, this increases stereo separation. Below 200 Hz Schneider disk demonstrates little stereo effect (if any), the reason is the wave’s lenght. The signal ommits disk and reaches microphones equally. With the increase of frequency, Schneider disk enlarges stereo separation between these two microphones.

Product safety data sheets: Dyski OSSAkcesoria

Mikrofony MBHO dystrybutor Dysten Microphones

Don’t pay extra for brand

MBHO company besides its microphones also develops converters for many acclaimed upscale producers who brand them with their name. Users have no idea that the components for microphones or even the whole devices were created by totally different company.

Reference / What customer say about us

  • The DYSTEN company designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a Dynamic Passenger Information System (...) along with a sound system for the station (in Tarnowskie Gory). The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills
    Henryk Szudy , Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation
  • Getting the information to the widest possible audience at official events held by the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland is the key to success of all the media coverage. The DYSTEN sound system guarantees that. It provides excellent quality of communication and a high level of speech intelligibility.
    Waldemar Witalec, Deputy Director, Administrative Bureau, Office of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • The multi-functional and flexible sound system has helped us to become a unique cultural center. Now, the National Film Archive is more than a cinema theatre, it is a place where not only screenings are held but also concerts, live performances, lectures and workshops.
    Krzysztof Hnatkowski, Deputy Director, The National Film Archive in Warsaw
  • Stock market information displays are made entirely to our order including intricate mechanics and tailored electronics to adapt the device to the needs of a TV station. Installed equipment serves as a perfect information carrier and becomes an interesting element of studio's scenography.
    Jaroslaw Kielmel, Director of Technology TVN24

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