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Digital Communication Era

Improve the efficiency of your operations – use the Digital Signage solutions in your business. DYSTEN is manufacturer of digital signage displays and distributor of management systems.


What is the Digital Signage?


  • digital information media – LED screen, LCD monitor, display, totem
  • remote control system for data displayed on the medium, enables to set the displayed schedule, time of broadcasting and diversity of information, according to the location
  • together they create a media network that can be conveniently managed via the Internet from any place

The essence of the Digital Signage systems is to integrate these two elements, making it possible to remotely manage the content displayed on the chosen digital medium. The Digital Signage technology applies to many businesses and improves work of various institutions.

Thanks to the Digital Signage you will:


  • improve the efficiency of your actions
  • save time and money
  • reach a wide audience
  • attract attention by the dynamic content
  • communicate in the interesting way
  • manage the displayed information from any place

For who is the Digital Signage?


The Digital Signage System works wherever the efficient communication with the society is needed.


  • sports industry – sports and entertainment halls, stadiums
  • advertising industry
  • HoReCa – restaurants and hotels chains
  • sales network and shopping centers
  • event industry
  • public transport
  • cultural, art and education venues
  • institutes and post office
  • churches
  • museums
  • banks

Content management systems


Professional device for management the media such as LED or LCD screens, infomats or totems (electronical advertising posters). Software allows creating, publishing, planning and controlling multimedia and devices connected to the system.

Depending on the needs and specific use of the Digital Signage solutions we will suggest software, that works best for your business. We offer software to manage either one medium or more sophisticated devices controlling whole digital media network.

DYSTEN’s content management system:

  • stability
  • scalability
  • 24/7 work reliability

Digital Signage displays


The Digital Signage’s essential element is a medium dedicated to present the content.  It can be LED or LCD screen. As a manufacturer of digital signage displays we can give them any size and shape – depending on customer’s idea and needs. Therefore DYSTEN company is selected to untypical implementation such as TV Studio TVN24, Stock Exchange in Warsow or President Office in Poland

  • large-scale screens and displays, free-standing electronical facade or mounted to the roof billboards
  • small displays or digital posters and billboards in LED or LCD technology in the points of sales
  • mobile displays on trailers and trucks
  • mobile screens
  • LED sport perimeters and scoreboards
  • infomats, advertising totems and interactive tables
  • passenger information displays
  • wideo walls
  • elements of scenography – LED curtains as well as LED facades – urban architecture elements

We advice on the selection of proper displays and design the media so as to achieve the best possible solution, that brings maximum effect for the customer and the communication receiver. We deliver durable and reliable media together with a perfect and crystal clear image

What can we do for your line of service?

As a manufacturer of digital signage displays and distributor of Digital Signage management systems we can to customize the solution to the needs of your industry

Culture, art and education

Digital Signage Technology has been applied in theatres, opera houses and culture houses.


Modern scenography uses among others LED curtains and module displays arranged in a different way. Some of the elements of the scenography can be replaced with multimedia presentation, what makes performance more dynamic. Moreover, using the electronic poster or information totem the culture and art institutions attract viewers by publishing trailers, advertising spots, events or repertoire. It allows to reduce costs, save time and space. On a one medium you can display any amount of content as well as change it in a real-time.


In museums or art galleries there work solutions which interestingly tell about the exhibit or pull the viewer into the interactive history or game.

Sales networks and shopping centers

Between 50-70% of shopping decisions is made in the place of purchase. Small media such as LCD frames will advertise products from the shelves, bigger carriers such as electronic posters can be hanged on the wall or ceiling cables. Dynamic, interesting content will attract the customers’ attention.


In the shopping centers the interactive map of the mall allows customers to get fast to the shop they want. Display also information about imminent events and sales.



In the restaurant chain the installed screens will display available menu and specialty of the house. Increasingly common is to see an interactive menu, where customer using touch screen places an order and pays the bill – this solution improves service in crowded fast food restaurants.


In the hotel you can present the conditions and service – show the guests how they can spend the time in your facility.


Public facilities

Institutions, tourist and city information points, banks, universities, post office and even airports or stations use infomats and PIAPs, which are a brilliant solution in places occupied by petitioners. They can perform many functions from helping out civil servants to providing basic and the most needed information. Infomats are used as a managing queue system, registry offices – handing tickets, printing petitions, helping with filling in forms or informing about status of the case.


Public facilities can improve the interaction with the society by displaying information and communication on the screens installed inside or outside the building.


Sports industry

Whole setting of the sports events – LED displays, perimeters and scoreboards are installed on the stadiums as well as on the sports and entertainment arenas, they inform fans, players and referees about current game situation. Moreover, they display replays of brakethrough actions, fans’ emotions andadvertisements of sponsors. Mobile solutions (large-scale module displays or mobile screens mounted to a trailer or a truck) allows for the fast organisation of fan zone in any place.


Event industry

Amusement parks, aqua parks or ZOOs attract guests by the dynamic content and persuade to make use of the offered atractions. Information totem will display the map and guide the tour through the venue. Infomats can fulfill the role of ticket boxes.


Passengers information

Thanks to the Digital Signage  you will display complex and satisfactory information about routes, departures and  changes at the railway stations, airports and stops.


Information totems and infomats allow checking transport links, buying tickets, gaining access to the website of  the transport company or of the whole network.


Reference / What customers say

  • The DYSTEN company designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a Dynamic Passenger Information System (...) along with a sound system for the station (in Tarnowskie Gory). The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills
    Henryk Szudy , Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation
  • Getting the information to the widest possible audience at official events held by the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland is the key to success of all the media coverage. The DYSTEN sound system guarantees that. It provides excellent quality of communication and a high level of speech intelligibility.
    Waldemar Witalec, Deputy Director, Administrative Bureau, Office of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • The multi-functional and flexible sound system has helped us to become a unique cultural center. Now, the National Film Archive is more than a cinema theatre, it is a place where not only screenings are held but also concerts, live performances, lectures and workshops.
    Krzysztof Hnatkowski, Deputy Director, The National Film Archive in Warsaw
  • Stock market information displays are made entirely to our order including intricate mechanics and tailored electronics to adapt the device to the needs of a TV station. Installed equipment serves as a perfect information carrier and becomes an interesting element of studio's scenography.
    Jaroslaw Kielmel, Director of Technology TVN24

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