Digital Signage Media

Digital Signage Media

DYSTEN is a leader in implementation of non-standard hi-tech multimedia projects. Thanks to the commitment of its engineers, the company brings even the boldest visions of customers to life.

DYSTEN offers Digital Signage Media – LED displays or LCD screens in a different size and shape – depending on the client’s idea and needs.

LED Displays

Colourful LED Digital Signage Media are based on the high quality diode technology. Thanks to this the displayed data is visible in bright sunlight and has the ability to adjust the level of brightness to the prevailing conditions. Using LED technology we will gain the highest value of contrast ratio, “perfect black”, very good colour mapping and the lowest possible energy consumption.

LCD Screens

Thanks to high resolution, LCD Digital Signage Media present excellent quality of displayed content. Depending on where you use them they have wide brightness range. Mainly dedicated to watch from the close distances, are perfectly applicable as advertisement media or electronic posters. Also used to create video walls. For indoor usage and also outdoor when put in a special housing.


Digital Signage Media – DYSTEN realizations:

ticker giełdowy, notowania giełdowe LED GPW

Stock Exchange LED Ticker

LED Facade

Warsaw Stock Exchange – LED as a part of the architecture. Constructions in different forms and shapes.

ticker giełdowy, notowania giełdowe LED, kursy walut LED TVN24

LED scenography for TV studio

Freeform LED

Studio TVN 24 – Freeform LED, use the LED elements as amenities of studio’s, bank’s or company’s interiors.

ekran mobilny na ciężarówce eventowy

LED Screen Trucks

Screen on the mobile trailer

Eleet – Mounted to the trailer, this mobile system is developed in order to run the video easy and fast during an outdoor event

ekran telebim mobilny przenośny modułowy eventowy

Mobile LED screen for events

Portable LED screen

Festiwal Two Theaters – After combining LED modules they create a display. Technology commonly used during outdoor events.

kancelaria prezydenta RP ekran mobilny na przyczepie z nagłośnieniem

Mobile LED Screen

LED screen on the mobile trailer

Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland – LED screen installed on the trailer

telebim billbord LED na słupie, wolnostojący

Bilboard LED

Outdoor Telebim

CRM Wolsztyn – Large-scale presentation of movies, spots and communicates

telebim ekran reklamowy Rybnik

Advertising telebim

Advertising large screen

Screen Walker – Displaying dynamic information of any industry. We tailor the size and the way of assembly of the display to the client’s needs

tablica wyników i telebim sportowy lodowisko tychy

LED Display Screen

LED Display Screen for sports objects

Winter sports stadium Tychy – broadcast dynamic videos following the action on the pitch. LED display modules can be arranged in any configuration

video cube zestaw 4 telebimów na halę sportową

Video Cube

LED screens for sports facilities

Entertainment and Sports Hall Szczecin – Video Cube has four sides and contains many applications: scoreboard,  live tv, close-ups, replays, commercial informations

telebim na stadion arena lublin

Stadium screen

Stadium video boards

Arena Lublin – large stadium screen showing publicity and game scores

ekran, telebim na basen, wyniki zawodów pływackich

Swimming-pool display

Screen use in swimming-pool

Swimming-pool Lublin – Large screen resistant to moisture, display sports information like time, results, statistics for swimming competitions

ściana multimedialna, ściana graficzna

Video Wall

Multimedia wall graphics

Traffic Management Centre Szczecin – video wall used to present and provide information e.g. preview of the city map in the traffic command center

Totem informacyjny infokiosk

Information totem / infomat

LED or LCD screen

Olsztyn City – LED or LCD screen (also touch screen) build in a free-standing contruction, which you can place wherever you want to communicate with the society.

plakat elektroniczny, totem reklamowy

Electronic poster

LED or LCD Screen

Silesian Theatre – LED or LCD screen (also touch screen), which we mount to the wall inside or outside the building

Interaktywne monitory dotykowe w punktach sprzedaży

Small touch screens

Interactive screens in points of sales

Advertisement of product or service on a small LCD screen. Simple and intuitive, allows for fast and professional preparation of displayed content.


Reference/ What our customers say about us

  • The DYSTEN company designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a Dynamic Passenger Information System (...) along with a sound system for the station (in Tarnowskie Gory). The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills
    Henryk Szudy , Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation
  • Getting the information to the widest possible audience at official events held by the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland is the key to success of all the media coverage. The DYSTEN sound system guarantees that. It provides excellent quality of communication and a high level of speech intelligibility.
    Waldemar Witalec, Deputy Director, Administrative Bureau, Office of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • The multi-functional and flexible sound system has helped us to become a unique cultural center. Now, the National Film Archive is more than a cinema theatre, it is a place where not only screenings are held but also concerts, live performances, lectures and workshops.
    Krzysztof Hnatkowski, Deputy Director, The National Film Archive in Warsaw
  • Stock market information displays are made entirely to our order including intricate mechanics and tailored electronics to adapt the device to the needs of a TV station. Installed equipment serves as a perfect information carrier and becomes an interesting element of studio's scenography.
    Jaroslaw Kielmel, Director of Technology TVN24

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